Danco Multi-Use Faucet Aerator Key Tool for Aerator Removal


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The new multi-use aerator key from Danco allows you to remove or install your aerator with ease. Overtime, aerators can get clogged with mineral deposits causing erratic or slow water flow, creating a need to clean or install a new aerator. Danco’s Aerator Key Tool has an aerator wrench for internal or external threads, as well as four sizes of keys that fit most faucet brands. While wrenches and other tools can scratch or cause damage to the housing of the faucet, this aerator key was designed specifically for easy, non-abrasive installation and removal of your aerator.

Majority of new faucets require an aerator key to remove the aerator
Wrenches and other tools do not work or can cause damage to the housing
Fits most popular brand faucets for standard size, junior size, tiny junior or tom thumb size
Rubber coat around the wrench prevents scratches or damage during aerator removal or installation
Everyday wrenches and other tools do not work or can cause damage to the housing
Easy to turn handle offers an easy, non-abrasive way to remove a hidden aerator
Durable and reliable metal construction
Handy, must have tool for plumbers, property and facility managers, and the everyday household sink user

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