Danco Universal Decorative Toilet Handle in Chrome


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Replacing your toilet handle can add a new stylish touch to your bathroom and will help your toilet perform more efficiently. Replacing a toilet handle fixes sticky handles, corroded trip levers, outdated bathroom designs and broken levers. The Danco Decorative Toilet Tank Handle in Chrome can be adjusted to fit right front or right side applications. Changing a toilet handle is one of the easiest — and most common — DIY projects. This trip lever is easy to install on most toilets since you can cut the arm to match the size you need in your toilet tank. The polished chrome handle is ideal for a bathroom remodel and matches well with modern bathroom styles.

Replacing a toilet handle fixes: sticky handles, corroded trip levels, outdated bathroom designs and broken levers
This decorative toilet handle is designed to fit right front or right side applications
Easy to install – simply just trim arm to size needed
Durable brass construction provides strength and reliability for the rigors of everyday use
Ideal for bathroom remodels or upgrades
Chrome finish resists scratching, fading and tarnishing

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